Our Services




LLI has revolutionized microtrenching technology and is able to build faster and more cost-effectively than any other contractor on the market. We have the equipment, partnerships, backfill solutions, extensive knowledge, experience and management professionals in place to ensure a successful deployment utilizing micro-trench technology.


LLI is partnering with leading engineering firms to provide turn-key Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC) solutions or Design-Build projects both, large and small.

Directional Drilling

The LLI team has extensive experience in the utilization of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) methods where microtrenching is not a viable solution. LLI utilizes HDD when necessary, for example in projects involving rivers, railroads, limited highway or interstate crossings, and areas in which a municipality, jurisdiction or environmental issues dictate the construction methods to be completed by HDD.


LLI has the resources and capabilities to install cable and conduit path utilizing vibratory or static plowing methods where applicable.

Missile Boring

The LLI team has extensive experience in the utilization and deployment of pneumatic missiles to complete cable and conduit paths.


Fiber Installation

 LLI uses the latest methodologies in fiber optic cable installation to efficiently and successfully carry out our customers’ projects. LLI has experienced crews in fiber jetting and fiber pulling and can complete the most complex fiber installation projects.



Trenches play an important role in the construction and maintenance of infrastructure. LLI uses trenching in cases where microtrenching is not an option.


Aerial Placement

 LLI has a network of aerial subcontractors to partner with on projects that require aerial construction methods.


Service Installation

The LLI team works with customers on installing service lines (“drops”) to connect businesses and homes to the networks it builds.


Operations and Maintenance

LLI’s highly qualified workers are trained to maintain the underground utility structures.


Project Management

Each one of our projects is led by highly qualified project managers with significant experience in the field and follow industry standard frameworks to bring the work to completion in time and within budget.


Mobile Concrete

LLI uses specialized trucks to mix or batch the  concrete mix on the job site. This type of truck can mix as much or as little amount of concrete as needed. The on-site mixing eliminates the travel time hydration that can cause the  mixed concrete to become unusable.


Traffic Control

Traffic safety is an integral element of every project from planning through design and construction. LLI provides the traffic control services needed to reduce disruption, traffic congestion, and increase safety for the general public during construction.


Fiber Splicing

LLI performs a variety of fiber splicing services, including case prep, splicing, and testing to customer specifications. For the rare occasions in which additional resources are needed,  LLI maintains a nationwide network of qualified subcontractors who can assist as required.

At Lat Long Infrastructure, safety is not just a priority - it is a core value